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Multiple winner at the Global Music Awards and Indie Music Channel Awards

Insperato is Mongelli’s fourth album release and his largest project to date. The opening piece titled Insperato takes you on an intense yet intimate journey that tells a story within three intertwining themes. The other six tracks on the album are highlights from his previous albums selected by fans as their favorites which includes award winning music.

“INSPERATO" is epic. - Gilli Moon, SongsAlive!

“A pianistic tour de force that is both powerful and eloquent” - Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano

Kevin Mongelli's Insperato takes the listener on an emotionally dark and harrowing journey of sincere beauty and subtle joy. - Sabrina Pena Young, MusicXray

“Powerful and sophisticated solo piano composition” - Devon Jackson, Freelance Music Journalist

INSPERATO...Take The Journey; dare to! It's a fabulous gem...just fabulous! - Monty Guy,

”…a compositional tour de force…” - Devon Jackson, Freelance Music Journalist
Fort Lonesome is Kevin's third album and contains all original compositions for piano.

2014 Global Music Awards Winner for his composition "Darker Days"

“Kevin Mongelli is to piano what Einstein is to E=MC2 and his work on Fort Lonesome is just as intelligent and memorable.”
- I Am Entertainment Magazine

"Darker Days" WINNER at 2012 Song of the Year Competition

“Train to Despair” conveys dark and powerful emotions expressed eloquently and honestly”
- Kathy Parsons,

“Darker Days WINS at the 2013 Indie Music Channel Awards”

“Fort Lonesome nominated for ALBUM OF THE YEAR at the 2012 Indie Music Channel Awards”

“Pianist and Composer Kevin Mongelli stuns with UNAFRAID”
- James Moore, IMP
Unique and moving arrangements of Christmas themes by Kevin Mongelli performed on piano. This is his second release.

“ incredible album project.... Christmas Variations, is an amazing collection....”
- I Am Entertainment Magazine

“..."Still, Still, Still", an elegant and introspective farewell..
- Gavin Dixon, ReviewYou

“Christmas Variations is an amazing showing by Kevin Mongelli and it deserves to be supported by everyone who celebrates the Christmas holiday.”
- I Am Entertainment Magazine

“Each arrangement is a masterpiece in its own right...."
- Joshua Smotherman, MTM

“Kevin's version of "Silent Night" brings to mind all the things that make the Christmas season such an awesome time of the year.”
- I Am Entertainment Magazine

“Another great interpretation of a classic, played by Mongelli includes "Ave Maria". This particular track should be added to everyone's playlists.”
- I Am Entertainment Magazine

“.....let your mind and spirit roam free as Kevin takes you on a journey for the holidays.”
- Joshua Smotherman, MTM

“Again, Kevin Mongelli delivers an incredible album project that shows his understanding of the classical piano genre. Christmas Variations , is an amazing collection of Christmas holiday classics that can be enjoyed by the whole family throughout the holiday season. ”
- I Am Entertainment Magazine
Ascension is Mongelli's premier 2009 release with eight original compositions.

Winner Best Male Classical Artist at the 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards

“The Sunrise Waltz: "Beautiful composition from the soul.”
- Chris Leyva, Black Cherry Group

“....a style of piano playing that is all his own. No song does a better job of displaying this fact than "Ascension"....”
- I Am Entertainment Magazine

“Original piano compositions that offer something quite rare: pieces that are classical yet relatable”.
-Devon Jackson, Freelance Music Journalist

“He creates a depth of sound with just a piano that is rarely heard from artists and songwriters alike. ”
- Paul Ruth, The Independent Music Scene